Whole wheat pizza

Hi everybody!

Hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing holidays with your family! Today was my unwind day, ie: do absolutely nothing but eat, nap, oh and make pizza! I’m sure a lot of you have this problem, the days right after the holidays, your fridge is just full of bits and pieces of leftover ingredients from your holiday meal and you think to yourself, what the heck am I going to do with all this stuff?!?!

This year for the holidays, instead of making a Christmas dinner, I hosted Christmas brunch instead. As a result, I have leftover quiche mixture (re-purposed into scrambled eggs for breakfast), grated cheese for the quiche, mushrooms for the quiche, basil for garnishing…. you get the idea. I have a lot of opened packages in my fridge. What better way to use up all these items than to throw it onto a pizza and call it a day.

But first, I needed to make a pizza crust to house all my leftover bits and pieces. I started browsing the internet to find a recipe for a simple whole wheat pizza dough recipe and found just the thing on Two Peas and a Pod’s website. This recipe was exactly what I was looking for, simple, few ingredients and relatively quick! So off I went! Continue reading


Kimchi beef yakiudon

Okay, so the thing I realised now about blogging is that I am TERRIBLE at remembering to take pictures and take measurements of how much stuff I am putting into the dish. I whipped up this quick and easy (and tasty!) yakiudon tonight for dinner after a long day of grocery shopping and gift wrapping and was excited to share this with you all….except I didn’t stop to take a picture of what I was doing until I was done… so I do apologise for 1) the lack of pictures and 2) the possible inaccuracy of the measurement of the ingredients (I just tasted as I went). So alas here we go….

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The Breakfast Series – Strawberry oat bars

Growing up, my mother often preached the importance of eating breakfast. Turns out she was right… see here, here, and here!

According to WebMD.com, eating breakfast provides a wide range of benefits including improved concentration and performance, improves strength and endurance to engage in physical activity, and helps with weight control.

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I never prioritize time for breakfast in the morning, often opting to pick something up in the morning when I get to the office….normally a black coffee and when I’m trying to be healthy, a breakfast wrap from Freshii (hold the sauce please!) and on other sad, cold days, a ham and cheese croissant…

In the quest to save costs and my waist line, I am making a conscious effort to bring breakfast from home. The breakfast bars I am featuring today are great! They are full of nut butters and healthy sugars and are really filling, a small squares get me through the morning! The breakfast bars are also very versatile and different ingredients can be subbed in to your taste. The best part is, you make them ahead and leave them in your fridge for up to five days! Continue reading

The stuffed chicken breast

The chicken breast. In my culture, the chicken breast is the least coveted part of the chicken, always the part of the chicken that is leftover at the end of the meal. Me on the other hand, always went for the chicken breast, not because I enjoyed the stringy, tough, dry meat, but I have an irrational fear of eating meat with the bone attached. With the chicken breast, I can neatly remove the bone attached and be reasonably certain that I wouldn’t swallow any bits and pieces of bone or cartilage.

These days, chicken breasts fill a large part of my regular diet as my boyfriend insist on this cut of the animal citing healthy living, low fat, low…and blah blah blah. Since I would like him to eat my cooking and not be stuck with all the leftovers, I have given into this request but have fought to buy skin on, boneless chicken breast rather than BONELESS AND SKINLESS chicken breast. Seriously, what do you want me to do with skinless chicken breast…?

The reason why I like skin on chicken especially when I am baking it whole is that it allows me to sear the chicken and I find that it helps keep in the moisture in the chicken as it cooks. When I am making chicken curries or chicken rice, I do prefer to use boneless, skinless chicken.

Recently, I made a stuffed chicken breast which turned out fantastically. The recipe is also so versatile, you can effectively stuff the chicken with whatever you have on hand!

The variation that I made was stuffed with spinach, goat cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes but these ingredients can easily be substituted with anything from any type of deli meat (think prosciutto, salami, ham), to different types of vegetables like asparagus or mushrooms, and whatever type of cheese you fancy or have on hand.

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The inspiration behind the undomesticated kitchen

Who is the undomesticated kitchen?

I am a 20 something year old professional who has always had a love for cooking, trying new foods/restaurants, basically anything that is food related. I spend an obscene amount of time reading food blogs and cookbooks and you can bet that the last channel watched on my television was the food network!

I work in a high stress environment that is cyclical and I find that I go through phases where I deem myself to be too busy to cook, to work out, to take care of myself. I in turn resort to eating take out sometimes up to three times a day, skipping my work outs which results in me feeling unhealthy and sluggish. A part of creating this blog is to 1) provide an avenue for me to de-stress and 2) give myself a reason and motivation to create new recipes to share.

I find most of my inspiration for the meals I make from cookbooks. I have a habit of buying cookbooks and reading them and then putting them away. That’s right, I don’t believe in following recipes religiously. In fact, I often look up several variations of one recipe to gain an understanding of how the dish should be put together and then I put my own spin on it; I am the one eating it after all.

My approach/point of view is to use fresh ingredients in my cooking. I will always try to make my food rather than use processed ingredients in my cooking if possible. I am working towards the mentality whereby if I can not pronounce it, I should not eat it.

My friends always ask or are in awe with the cooking that I do and think that a lot of skill and training is required in the area of “cooking”. I’m here to show you that you don’t. It does not take a special talent to put a meal on the table. That’s not what’s it’s about, this should be fun guys. I want to show you how approachable, and how simple making a hearty home cooked meal can be.

Last bit of commentary – cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. Just taste as you go. Whatever tastes good to you is the way the dish should be. Who cares what anyone else thinks.