Adesso Bistro

This past weekend, Orion suggested that we check out Adesso Bistro for dinner. Adesso is located in the residential area of the West End. They have a quaint space in the base of an apartment building I believe. The room is very warm welcoming room, perfect for an intimate dinner with a loved one or a catch up with friends and family over a glass of wine. Speaking of wine, I appreciated that the wine list was short and reasonably priced with a good variety of wine to choose from. For tonight’s meal, I asked our waiter to pick us something that would suit meal, and the nice, bright, full bodied white he chose was perfect for my pasta and for Orion’s fish.

For my appetizer, I ordered the daily soup which was an apple, fennel, walnut soup. For some reason, I pictured more of a gazpacho, probably the apple and fennel combo threw me off. What I received instead was a rich, hearty, and comforting soup, what a surprise! It almost felt like there was beef broth and some cream in the soup, but the waiter informed me that the soup was vegan and gluten free.

Apple, fennel, walnut soup
Apple, fennel, walnut soup – $8

For entrees, Orion ordered the daily special which was a seared yellow tail over a bed of seasonal vegetables and pesto. I managed to steal a bite from him and the fish was fresh and nicely seared. The pesto was delicious and paired really well with the fish. The vegetables were your standard variety, Orion seemed to enjoy it enough….he ate everything including potatoes which is a first since he always leaves the spuds on the plate!

Daily Special - Seared Yellowtail
Daily Special – Seared Yellowtail – $28

I ordered the tagliatelle nere which is the squid ink pasta with slow cooked squid. In all honesty, I ordered this dish because I wanted to try squid ink pasta! I’ve always been intrigued with the blackness of the dough which I associate with the taste of licorice….Thankfully, the pasta did not taste like licorice but it also didn’t have much inherent flavour to it other than the sauce that was coating it. I guess adding the squid ink is more for visual appeal than anything. The sauce itself if I am not mistaken was a simple white wine and garlic sauce with fresh cherry tomatoes. This made for a lighter dish and I did not feel bogged down after I finished my meal.

Tagliatelle Nere
Tagliatelle Nere – $19

To round off the meal, we obviously ordered dessert. Orion and I both enjoy sweets (me more than him) so dessert is usually a must order if we enjoyed our meal at a restaurant. I was immediately drawn to the cheesecake which was topped with balsamic strawberries. Knowing that Orion loves cheesecake, I quickly assigned this dessert to him leaving me free to choose another option and eat his too! This was a good attempt at cheesecake. However I found the cheesecake to be a touch dense, this is purely personal preference as I prefer lighter, airier cheesecakes. The strawberries were fresh and sweet, the balsamic glaze was not too noticeable.

Cheesecake – $8

For myself, I was torn between everything else on the dessert menu! After some consultation with the waiter, I decided on the lemon olive oil cake. I’ve had olive oil cakes at a number of restaurants but never had a variation with lemon in it. This was a good attempt at the cake, though I found that the cake a touch oily/greasy compared to other ones that I have and a touch sweeter than I would have liked. Given how rich and dense the cake was I only managed to eat half of it.

Lemon olive oil cake
Lemon olive oil cake – $8

Of course dessert isn’t complete without an espresso. I just had to take a picture of the cup and saucer it came with – isn’t this cup so fun?

Espresso - look how cute these cups are!
Espresso – look how cute these cups are!

Last thoughts: Overall, I had a enjoyable meal at this restaurant. I found the food quality and execution on point and the price point very reasonable. Service was personable, the wait staff were quick to fill our water glasses and clear off finished dishes. Our waiter was keen and genuinely interested about our dining experience and asked for feedback on specific dishes that he had recommended to us. I wouldn’t hesitate dining at Adesso Bistro again.


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