Prosciutto mozzarella and endive “caprese”

It’s the middle of January in Vancouver, cold, wet, and dreary. I rarely see the sun these days, usually when I wake up it is gray out and when I head home from work it’s black, not gray, but pitch black out. All I want to do is crawl onto my couch and chill out for the reminder of the night with my box of take out. Very little desire to cook and even less to blog (I have good excuses I swear!!!).

Now I find myself sitting here in an airport bar drinking away and trying to pass time after finding out my flight has been delay when I got to the airport (an hour and forty-five minutes to go as of NOW), I think to myself, why not write a little post to share. By write, I mean bombard you with pictures. This one is a pretty self explanatory post – prosciutto, mozzarella and endives – that’s it (and a bit of pepper, balsamic and evoo)!

The inspiration behind this dish is the traditional caprese salad. Orion LOVES caprese salad, give the man some tomatoes and mozzarella or just lots of mozzarella and he’s a happy camper. He’s always inclined to order it at a restaurant and I’m like you know it’s just tomatoes and cheese right? Anyhow, this past weekend we went on a little field trip to Granville Island to pick up some of his beloved mozzarella and prosciutto and to our horror but not to our surprise, the tomatoes were absolute crap. Remember we are in the dead of winter, so no surprises here. The boy was devastated, clutching tightly onto his cheese and meat staring helplessly at the lifeless tomatoes. My heart hurt for him. I look around the produce area anxiously hoping to find a suitable replacement when my eyes spied the crate of endives. Endives! Why not?! They are the perfect vessel in shape and taste. The bitterness of the endive leaf counteract the saltiness of the prosciutto and with a touch of balsamic and olive oil, the dish came together better than I could imagine. So there you have it, an endive caprese – who would have thought?!

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, if you can’t find tomatoes for your caprese, get some endives instead. Or just skip the tomatoes and get the endives because 1) they are freaking delicious and 2) you can pick them up with your fingers! Yay to finger food!! 


New Years ramble

So it’s been almost 10 months more or less since I’ve last blogged, I am actually too ashamed to even check the exact date of my last blog so I can’t be certain how long it’s been. I’m not even entirely sure what the reason of my stopping was – laziness? motivation? I certainly gave myself enough excuses to not do it – I’m trying to find a new job, I’m too tired (but never too tired to watch endless hours of tv), the lighting in my kitchen is too dark to take pictures, I’m in too much of a rush to take pictures of my cooking process!!!….I’ll do it tomorrow. Basically every excuse one can think of and it boils down to laziness and procrastination, guess I haven’t progressed much five and a half years post graduation…

Funnily enough, starting a food blog was one of my 2015 New Years resolutions and I feel I kicked it off with a bang. I tried very hard to be creative and entertaining but soon that became like a chore to me and I was always trying to keep up. No I didn’t stop eating and cooking throughout this time, trust me, my jelly belly can attest to that. I somehow faltered at the thought/expectation that I had or was expected to write something significant, like a fancy meal or dish. So this self imposed expectation led to procrastination which led to the silence of the blog.

Alright, enough reminiscing and rehashing and reflecting, it is now 2016. What are my blog goals this year without scaring myself away?

  1. I want to just write, my thoughts and opinions and quirks. So to whoever will be reading this, this will become a personal journal of sorts, you’ll just have to read it, TOO BAD.
  2. There are no recipes too easy or small for this blog. If I like it, it’s going in (this will be my own personal reference recipe blog as well).
  3. Cookbooks – I am super guilty of this. I get drawn in by the allure of hard covered, pictured filled books on food. I buy a lot of them. If I go to a restaurant and the chef has a book, I will likely go home with it and place if on my bookshelf. That’s it. It sits there and sometimes I flip through to peer at the pretty pictures and make myself hungry. This year is the year to use them. Not going to go crazy here, but let’s start with a hopefully achievable goal of making a recipe from a cookbook AND blogging about it once every two months.
  4. And four…I think that is all for now. I am tired and therefore it is bedtime. I will ramble on in a future blog that will hopefully feature some food as well.

Night all!