Prosciutto mozzarella and endive “caprese”

It’s the middle of January in Vancouver, cold, wet, and dreary. I rarely see the sun these days, usually when I wake up it is gray out and when I head home from work it’s black, not gray, but pitch black out. All I want to do is crawl onto my couch and chill out for the reminder of the night with my box of take out. Very little desire to cook and even less to blog (I have good excuses I swear!!!).

Now I find myself sitting here in an airport bar drinking away and trying to pass time after finding out my flight has been delay when I got to the airport (an hour and forty-five minutes to go as of NOW), I think to myself, why not write a little post to share. By write, I mean bombard you with pictures. This one is a pretty self explanatory post – prosciutto, mozzarella and endives – that’s it (and a bit of pepper, balsamic and evoo)!

The inspiration behind this dish is the traditional caprese salad. Orion LOVES caprese salad, give the man some tomatoes and mozzarella or just lots of mozzarella and he’s a happy camper. He’s always inclined to order it at a restaurant and I’m like you know it’s just tomatoes and cheese right? Anyhow, this past weekend we went on a little field trip to Granville Island to pick up some of his beloved mozzarella and prosciutto and to our horror but not to our surprise, the tomatoes were absolute crap. Remember we are in the dead of winter, so no surprises here. The boy was devastated, clutching tightly onto his cheese and meat staring helplessly at the lifeless tomatoes. My heart hurt for him. I look around the produce area anxiously hoping to find a suitable replacement when my eyes spied the crate of endives. Endives! Why not?! They are the perfect vessel in shape and taste. The bitterness of the endive leaf counteract the saltiness of the prosciutto and with a touch of balsamic and olive oil, the dish came together better than I could imagine. So there you have it, an endive caprese – who would have thought?!

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, if you can’t find tomatoes for your caprese, get some endives instead. Or just skip the tomatoes and get the endives because 1) they are freaking delicious and 2) you can pick them up with your fingers! Yay to finger food!! 


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