Who is the undomesticated kitchen?

I am a 20 something year old professional who has always had a love for cooking, trying new foods/restaurants, basically anything that is food related. I spend an obscene amount of time reading food blogs and cookbooks and you can bet that the last channel watched on my television was the food network!

I work in a high stress environment that is cyclical and I find that I go through phases where I deem myself to be too busy to cook, to work out, to take care of myself. I in turn resort to eating take out sometimes up to three times a day, skipping my work outs which results in me feeling unhealthy and sluggish. A part of creating this blog is to 1) provide an avenue for me to de-stress and 2) give myself a reason and motivation to create new recipes to share.

I find most of my inspiration for the meals I make from cookbooks. I have a habit of buying cookbooks and reading them and then putting them away. That’s right, I don’t believe in following recipes religiously. In fact, I often look up several variations of one recipe to gain an understanding of how the dish should be put together and then I put my own spin on it; I am the one eating it after all.

My approach/point of view is to use fresh ingredients in my cooking. I will always try to make my food rather than use processed ingredients in my cooking if possible. I am working towards the mentality whereby if I can not pronounce it, I should not eat it.

My friends always ask or are in awe with the cooking that I do and think that a lot of skill and training is required in the area of “cooking”. I’m here to show you that you don’t. It does not take a special talent to put a meal on the table. That’s not what’s it’s about, this should be fun guys. I want to show you how approachable, and how simple making a hearty home cooked meal can be.

Last bit of commentary – cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. Just taste as you go. Whatever tastes good to you is the way the dish should be. Who cares what anyone else thinks.


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  1. What great reasons to start a bog! I like your cooking philosophy, too- “it doesn’t have to be complicated, what tastes good to you is the way a dish should be” that is good advice. Good luck with your blog!

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